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What is this service & Jetstream Africa?

TRAGOA's African trade finance & logistics services through partnership with Jetstream Africa helps African businesses thrive locally in order to compete globally, and to expand into new markets profitably by offering an ecosystem of designed solutions that help grow your supply chains. This service offers funding, logistics to move your goods, and visibility at every step of the process.

African Finance & eLogistics Offer Types:


JetFinance offers fast, hassle free, and flexible financing to grow your business with quick trade funds, or trade loans, for your shipment. It offers cash for your freight forwarding needs against your verified invoices and receivables. The process takes a couple of days, and all they need is basic information about your business and shipment. A few examples of the types financing they cover are, but not limited to: customs clearance, carrier and terminal fees, freight, and goods.


JetLogistics uses logistics technology, networks, and expertise to enable businesses to scale their African supply chains by sea, air and land with door-to-door shipping for your bulk cargoes. This service offers easy customs clearance, fast processes with major carriers, digital and affordable transparent fees and records, and smooth digitalized procedures. Using this range of freight services, you can easily send your valuable shipments, of any size, anywhere in the world, especially Africa.


JetVision offers a freemium service to manage your logistics vendors, supply chain costs, and ETAs with real-time updates on your shipment. Get updates on your shipment activities and see real-time location changes. All activities are synced to a dashboard that delivers updates and insights. Seamlessly sequence your work from inception to completion with end-to-end supply chain management. Invite your finance and sales colleagues to view shipment ETAs and monitor landed cost details. Each team member can be assigned specific roles so everyone has the same information at the same time.

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